E-Bike Basics

What to do for winter storage?

For winter storage, you should charge the battery on a regular basis(at least once a month). It is better to keep the battery/bike indoors to protect it from the cold.

What does 'V' stand for?

For the battery, V stands for voltage of the bike. Bikes with a higher voltage are capable of higher power output - more torque, higher speed.

What does 'Ah' stand for ?

For the battery, Ah stands for battery capacity. It means how long the battery can last to some extend. For the same bike, a high 'Ah' value means a longer range.

Lead-Acid or Lithium? What is the difference?

There are lithium upgrade options for most of our models. If you are looking for a bike with long travel distance, lithium batteries will be the best choice. Lithium batteries are much lighter in weight and smaller in size, and they have a longer battery life. Typically, the battery life for lead-acid batteries is 1-2 year and 3-5 year for lithium batteries. Also, lithium batteries will be more expensive compared with the lead-acid batteries.

How can I get a longer travel range?

For models with removable batteries, you can always get spare batteries in the future to extend the travel range. You can also purchase the compatible lithium battery and have it installed to replaced the Lead Acid battery. Please note that special modifications and a compatible lithium charger are required in order to upgrade the battery from Lead-Acid to lithium.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

The rated charging time for most batteries is approximately 6-10 hours. For high capacity batteries, it could take longer. However, it is not recommended to charge the battery for more than 12 hours. Even though it is not fully charged after 12 hours, you should still unplug the charger and let it cool down before charging again.

Overcharging protection technology is built into the charger, which means the charger will stop charging the battery once the battery is fully charged. However, the charger will continue detecting the voltage of the battery and attaempt to charge as long as the charger is connected with the battery. Therefore, unplugging the charger on time is still recommended to prevent overcharging of the battery.

How much electricity does it cost to charge a battery?

The wattage of a typical 72V/20Ah SLA charger is 220W (110V~2A). a 10-hour charge will cost approximately $0.20 ~ $0.40.

What to do for winter storage?

For winter storage, you should charge the battery on a regular basis(at least once a month). It is better to keep the battery/bike inside to protect it from the cold.

How much does it cost to replace the battery?

It depends on the battery type. Usually, Lead-Acid batteries cost from $200 to $1000, and lithium batteries start from $650 up to $5500.

What does PDI means?

PDI stands for pre-delivery inspections. PDI includes assembly and full inspection of the e-bike before delivery. Local delivery/pick-up will usually include PDI (extra charge applies). On the other hand, if you are receiving the bike in a crate, the bike will be approximately 80% assembled and you will need to assemble some parts by yourself such as: front wheel, fenders, windshields depending on the model of the bike.

Can I ride the bike in winter?

The bikes are still functional and it will be ok to ride in winter. Riding is not recommended when there is ice on the road because it could be slippery. You will also expect a reduced travel range as a result of the low temperature. Winter tires are available for some specific models, please contact your local dealer for more information.

What is the weight capacity of the e-bike?

The load capacity varies among different models. It ranges from 250 lbs to 550lbs.

What maintenance does an e-bike need?

You should clean and lubricate the chain on a regular basis. You are also required to check the tire pressure and pump the tire to the reccommended tire pressure value.

E-Bike Laws

Is there an age limit to ride an e-bike?

Normally, there is an age limit for riding an e-bike (applied to both the rider and passenger), which varies in different provinces. Typically, it is at least 16 year in British Columbia, Ontario and Newfoundland, while it is 14 in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Quebec.

Are there any restrictions on e-bikes?

How fast can I go?

All Evoque e-bike speeds are limited to 32km/h which is the legal speed limit of power-assist bike (e-bikes). You will need a license and a plate for your e-bike plus insurance if you would like to go faster. For further information, please contact your local Ministry of Transportation.

Where should I ride the e-bike?

In general, you should ride the e-bike on the bike lanes, or on the far right side of the main road if there is no bike lane available. Riding bikes or e-bikes on the sidewalk is not allowed in most cities. E-Bikes are generally allowed on most trails. However, please be aware that some municipalities may define e-bikes differently and not allow e-bikes on bike lanes or certain trails. Please review your local bylaws and bike trail rules before your rides.

Do I need a license or insurance to ride an e-bike?

You do not need any license or plates for any of our products because they were built under the Ministry of Transportation regulations. E-Bikes are treated as regular bicycles under most cases. Therefore, e-bike riders are subject to the same rules of the road as regular bicycle riders. However, if you are trying to go faster on your bike, you will need to get a plate and insurance for your bike.

Can I carry a passenger on my e-bike?

A passenger is allowed as long as the bike is designed with a passenger seat.

Do I need a helmet to ride an e-bike?

A helmet is mandatory to operate an e-bike in most provinces. In general, a bicycle helmet is good for riding an e-bike. However, there are some different requirements for helmets in some provinces. It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with your local bylaw before riding your e-bike.

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