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Evoque VQS-125XM 125cc ATV

Evoque VQS-125XM 125cc ATV

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The Evoque VQS-125XR ATV quad is ready to give you the high-performance drive you crave. This competition ATV model comes with a 125cc high-performance 4-stroke engine, beefy off-road wheels and a durable high-tensile steel frame for all of your adventures.

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Evque 125cc ATV

Sturdy Steel Frame

With its High-Tensile Steel Frame, the Evoque VQS-125XR offers the strong, heavy construction you need for peace of mind. It can navigate through the roughest lands without compromising its durability.

Bright LED Lighting

The front LED lights give you the illumination needed to navigate what’s ahead. With three modes to choose from, you can customize the visibility. It also comes complete with flush turn signals, so others know what you are planning.

  • Pushing the Limits

    . The 125cc 4-stroke provides a superior power-to-weight ratio that’s easy to manage. With the seven horsepower output, you can get the quad to 65-75 k/mh+, perfect for off-roading fun.

  • Complete Control in Your Corner

    It’s easy to control the Evoque VQS 125XR with simple movements. The fully automatic transmission includes Forward and Reverse for seamless operation. Put your foot on the steel shifter to make quick changes as you traverse the rough terrain.

  • Solid Chains

    Our solid drivetrain includes 428H chains for maximum durability. You don’t have to worry about the chain stretching or snapping, especially with the upgraded chain tensioner that adds a durable 10mm bearing.

Hi-Flo Exhasut

Not only does the HI-FLO dual exhaust allow for superior airflow, but it also creates a unique rumble as you ride. Rev the throttle to hear the pop and crackle coming out of the durable pipes.

Stop on a Dime

The moment you see an obstacle ahead, you’ll be able to stop your VQS-125XM without any effort. The quad is completed with durable front and rear disc brakes that respond as soon as you do.

Evoque Dirt And ATV Bikes

Aluminum Wheels Wrapped in Durable Tires

The lightweight 8” rims on your Evoque VQS-125XM are wrapped with knobby tires for maximum grip. In the front of the quad, the 18” tires offer an aggressive look, while the back is meant for more grip.


Engine Type

125cc, 4-stroke, 1-cylinder, Air-Cooled (Honda-Based)




Forward and reverse


F/R Hydraulic damping shock absorber




Front: 18*7-8

Rear: 18*9-8


Disc Brakes front and back


High-Tensile Steel Frame