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Nibbi Straight Type Round Tapered Red Air Filter

Nibbi Straight Type Round Tapered Red Air Filter

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Size: 42mm
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Fits Model: VQ-150R, VQ-150RL, VQ-140XR

This enduring conical air filter, which naturally has its own special features, is universal for any carburetor and can be extended in size by ±2 mm bore and fixed by clamps. Available in straight and curved options for a wide range of applications.


  • Color: red
  • Type: straight
  • Material: non-woven/aluminum alloy/rubber
  • Size: 35mm/42mm/48mm


  • Increased horsepower and acceleration
  • Hundreds of sizes and shapes for most applications
  • High air flow and excellent filtration
  • Clip-on washable and reusable

The nibbi conical air filter, with its folded non-woven fabric, has a fine aluminum mesh embedded in the non-woven surface to effectively trap dirt while increasing higher air flow.

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